kill yourself

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kill (one)self

1. To commit suicide. Once John realized he had begun to have thoughts of killing himself, he decided to seek help.
2. To bring about one's death by performing a particular action. This phrase can be said when one's life is or could be in danger, but it is often used figuratively. I can hardly breathe—I'm going to kill myself if I go back on the treadmill right now! If they try driving home in this snow, they'll kill themselves—tell them to get a hotel room for the night.
3. To overexert oneself. Don't kill yourself trying to get the report done tonight—it's not due until next week anyway.
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kill (oneself) (doing something)

To overexert oneself or overextend one's effort while doing something. Don't kill yourself trying to get the report done tonight—it's not due until next week anyway. They're killing themselves finishing the last touches on the exterior of the house before the storm hits us.
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kill (oneself) laughing

To laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. The comedian had the whole audience killing themselves laughing. My ribs actually hurt from it! I was surprised by how funny my date was last night. I was killing myself laughing at some of her stories!
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ˈkill yourself (ˈlaughing)

(British English, informal) laugh a lot: It was a very funny video. We killed ourselves laughing from beginning to end.He just stood there, killing himself laughing.
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There are days when you just want to kill yourself.
Old Joe: "So I won't be here and about to commit a vile act, and you won't have to kill yourself to stop me.
IF YOU DON'T have yourself a merry little Christmas, you might as well kill yourself," John Waters wrote in his essay collection Crackpot.
If it was like that, then your life would be made a misery and you'd end up wanting to kill yourself, too.
In one Nis high school only the principal was left inside as pupils poured onto the streets chanting: 'Save Serbia and kill yourself, Slobodan.
Why don't you kill yourself and blame it on the corporation?
I was told, 'You have until the end of the tour to kill yourself.
Bernard Doherty, 56, threatened the men from his 4x4 and yelled: "I hope you crash your bike and kill yourself.
Please go buy some Sabbath records and kill yourself .
I said if you're going to kill yourself, go kill yourself far away.
If you don't like it, you can move, give up or fight on for your pathetic 'right' to kill yourself and others.
You will end up losing everything: your selespect, dignity, family, and be living in a gutter wanting to kill yourself.
I doubt she's really so self-absorbed that you have to kill yourself to catch her attention, but you wouldn't know it from Faithfull.
Thompson said: "It's the sort of depression that doesn't necessarily make you want to kill yourself - you just don't want to be, you want to switch it off and stop.
If you're going to kill yourself with cigarettes, there should at least be a bit of dignity attached to it.