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51 -- who can pick up short yardage to extend a drive or kill the clock when Fitchburg is holding a late lead.
The Steelers main drawback was three turnovers, which gave the Ravens the opportunity to kill the clock.
The Spartans were in position to get the ball back in the final minute, but a running into the punter penalty extended Wisconsin's possession, allowing it to both kill the clock and seal its second consecutive Rose Bowl appearance.
Celtic started making subs to kill the clock and I'd have done the same myself, but we tried to be brave.
Christofias to kill the clock in negotiations," Eroglu said.
That's what you have to be able to do - kill the clock, get the right attitude, the right positioning.
But the waywe went on towin the game was pleasing and it was nice to be able to kill the clock off at the end.
EARL WEAVER, former Baltimore Orioles manager, on why he prefers baseball to football: "You can't sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock.
The obvious danger for fourth-quarter backers is that the leading team may try to kill the clock, but it still rates a bet and Stan James' 11- 4 is worth taking.
During Denver's final possession, Manning had a key 21-yard completion to tight end Julius Thomas on third down that helped the Broncos go on to kill the clock.
Manning did manage to settle down and nearly led a fourth quarter surge with two touchdown passes, but Atlanta was able to kill the clock before any late game heroics from the future Hall of Famer.
It is ok for them to kill the clock but it is not ok for us.
The Ducks ran 28 of their school-record 102 offensive plays in the fourth quarter, for a net of 259 yards that included four lost yards on the final possession when Clemens took the snap and knelt down twice to kill the clock.
Stuart ran it to the 4, then Birmingham strangely spiked the ball to kill the clock.
That should have been the cue for Hibs to relax, enjoy themselves and kill the clock.