kill for

kill for something

Sl. to be willing to go to extremes to get something that one really wants or needs. (An exaggeration.) I could kill for a cold beer.
See also: kill
References in classic literature ?
He will frighten every head of game within ten miles, and I--I have to kill for two, these days.
If you will kill for me the Wicked Witch of the West, I will bestow upon you a great many brains, and such good brains that you will be the wisest man in all the Land of Oz.
And Tiger-Face, also, made another man to be his right arm, and to give commands, and to kill for him.
Jared Corpening led Quartz Hill with 11 kills and 10 blocks including a kill for the final point in the first game.
But British filmmaker Rod Williams doesn't shrink from trying with the no-nonsense HBO documentary ``A Kill for a Kill,'' about the first family in Texas to witness the execution of a killer.
A Kill for a Kill'' also underscores our ongoing national debate over capital punishment, explored in the acclaimed film ``Dead Man Walking.
Also know that you will not see Jenkins' execution during ``A Kill for a Kill.