kids' stuff

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kids' stuff

Something that is very easy to understand, achieve, or use, especially when encountered by one on a more advanced level. The highly anticipated match turned out to be kids' stuff for the returning champions. Do you have anything more difficult? This book is kids' stuff.
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kid's stuff

a very easy task. Climbing that hill is kid's stuff. Driving an automatic car is kid's stuff.
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kids' stuff

something that is childishly simple or naive. informal
1982 Vivien Alcock The Sylvia Game He had grown out of the game; it was kid's stuff. Besides it always landed him in trouble.
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ˈkids’ stuff

(British English) (American English ˈkid stuff) something that is very easy to do or understand: ‘What did you think of the maths exam?’ ‘Kids’ stuff. I’m sure I’ve passed.’
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But Kids' Stuff does not center on the conventional concerns of business history.
The Kids' Stuff Foundation was founded in 1990 by tennis star Andrea Jaeger.
Kids' stuff is so stylish it would be easy to leave them out of the equation altogether and just please yourself as you design their rooms.
Despite the problematic narrative of declension that frames Cross's study, Kids' Stuff has much to offer.
But the truth is the Geraghty incident was kids' stuff compared to what went on last year.
I don't feel like I give up normal kids' stuff to do this.
They have found that Internet shopping on their home computers is kids' stuff - and now they can't get enough.
Asked about the future of his fashion range, the singer quipped: "We're definitely doing some kids' stuff.
If you view comics as kids' stuff, fear not - XIII is utterly grown-up and the gameplay is wonderfully varied.