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Kid gloves for Craig After old club Hearts failed to test him with a single shot on target, Craig Gordon got in some practice after the game by letting kids take penalties at him outside Celtic Park.
But with the Bairns facing Rangers, Hearts and Hibs after their Championship opening-day away clash with Cowdenbeath, Cooper knows the kid gloves must come off.
Senator Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito on Thursday criticized the way other lawmakers treated Budget Secretary Florencio Abad with kid gloves during the Senate finance committee hearing on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) controversy.
Yet still that ridiculous organisation NICE is telling doctors they have to treat fat people with kid gloves.
Contract awarded for bidding coquimbo pampilla acquisition of broom, drums, barre sheet, gloves, shovels, fork and kid gloves couple
He said Nicaragua has opened its doors to investors and assured them of proper working conditions, adding "they treat private enterprises with kid gloves, they are giving concessions and benefits and issues, and here we are closing them down, really, then this style of government that we have is suicide, that is to say, it is a government that does not understand how private enterprise works".
Bruce said he would treat Meyler with kid gloves as the midfielder eased his way back into action after eight months out with serious knee ligament damage.
I am sick and tired of hearing about children being brought up in care being treated with kid gloves.
It is and never has been about good government but about authoritarian control in kid gloves, as they mouth all the usual cliches about freedom, while our soldiers die in a useless war.
So why is Scotland being handled with kid gloves and Wales kicked in the teeth?
Treating bad children with kid gloves is what has got us into this mess.
This kid gloves treatment of children is breeding a generation of bullies and thugs because they know full well that they can get away with anything.
What a contrast to terrorists who are treated with kid gloves and the public purse is wide open for their expense and even compensation.
The president of Georgia is a loose cannon no sensible diplomat would go near without kid gloves, and he is responsible for much of the present breakdown by his behaviour towards South Ossetia.
As to whether France is being treated with kid gloves, he said: "I try to be realistic.