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tire kicker

1. One who examines or inspects a second-hand car or cars, often without really intending to buy anything. Primarily heard in Australia. This guy isn't a serious buyer, he's just a tire kicker.
2. One who wastes another's time. We need serious candidates for this position, so make sure to eliminate any tire kickers.
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and ass-kicker
n. someone or something capable of defeating or surpassing all others. That idea is a real butt-kicker. He is an ass-kicker, but he at least rewards us for putting up with him.




n. a clever but stinging remark; a sharp criticism; a zinger. I waited for the kicker, and finally it came.
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Data is tracked for how each kicker does from the 19 yards and closer, 20-29 yards, 30-39 yards, 40-49 yards, and beyond 50 yards.
Garrett Hartley missed all of last season with a hip injury and New Orleans brought in John Kasay to man the position (assuming that kickers are still men).
Following the notation that appears in Coloma (2007), we will build a game in which the kicker has to choose between his natural side (the goalkeeper's right, if the kicker is right-footed, or the goalkeeper's left, if the kicker is left-footed) and his opposite side (the goalkeeper's left, if the kicker is right-footed, or the goalkeeper's right, if the kicker is left-footed).
The holder has to set it down on the block leaned the right way very quickly or set it on the ground in the exact spot selected by the kicker.
Oregon used to have kicker rebates for corporate as well as personal income taxes.
They do not look at him as just a kicker - he's a player.
The high school kicker should be able to kick the ball 65 yards with at least four seconds hang time.
But realistically Duncan will go in against Glasgow as our main kicker, assuming he gets the selection nod in front of Gordon Ross.
Working with Danger, Kicker Online is planning to deploy several applications for T-Mobile Sidekick users in Germany later this year.
Even with the kicker refund factored in, the latest positive revenue forecast will give Oregon $109 million more in general and lottery fund revenues in the 2017-19 budget.
The body of USC kicker Mario Danelo was found Saturday at the bottom of Point Fermin Park cliffs in San Pedro.
Until then, every American kicker kicked with his toes.
The Hubby Hall Pass -- one of 12 Card Kicker designs included in the current product release -- was the perfect solution.
Such is the perversity of Oregon's kicker law, devised in 1979 as a means of heading off a California-style property tax limitation.
Valencia kicker Ricky Drake works on his form during practice.