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Schwab described the investors highlighted in the new campaign as "people who engage, who ask questions, who want to look under the hood and kick the tires, who take ownership of their future.
Ultimately, CRM systems should help all enterprises to better focus time and other resources on income-producing prospects and clients rather than frittering away hours on zero-impact leads and accounts, preventing multiple meeting cycles from shoppers who lack serious intent as they endlessly kick the tires of an organization and its offerings.
Do you still get out there and kick the tires on these companies?
As the majority of the sizable buildings on West 86th Street have been converted a while back, condo converters definitely came out to kick the tires and run the numbers.
lt;p>"We really want to kick the tires on these various technologies so we can understand what needs to happen for a wide-scale roll out," says John Brzozowski, chief architect for the IPv6 Program at Comcast.
I haven't been able yet to get under the hood and kick the tires and so on," she testified.
Even more interested parties (we reproted on the first revelations yesterday) have come forward to kick the tires of The San Diego Union-Tribune.
I suppose that anyone willing to invest in a new machine is going to want to kick the tires before making the purchase.
Now this is the way to inspire kids' interest in a career in your field: Invite them in for a day to look around and kick the tires.
In the jumbo space, a potential buyer can take a test drive and kick the tires without ever leaving a company's booth," says Winfield.
NBC Universal has barely had time to kick the tires on its strategic marketing deal with Volkswagen, but rival Disney is already zipping around in VW's most prominent vehicle, the Beetle.
As part of the InfoComm show and conference, EduComm offers our attendees free access to the show floor where you can kick the tires on thousands of the latest audiovisual technologies, products and services, plus some really cool stuff that you just have to have
Indeed, that reflects how EFS is rolling out services, perfecting one at a time so customers can kick the tires.
Premarket, which typically runs one month before the International Home Furnishings Market, is an unofficial event that brings top retailers to town to kick the tires on furnishings to be introduced at the big show.