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We had endless games of football of course, kick the tin, whip and top, strong horses and baseball.
Do you remember buying a pennyworth (old pennies that is) of scrumps (scraps of batter from fried fish) from the local fish and chip shop Buying hot crusty cobs for a penny from the local bakery one penny bottles of dandelion & burdock and sarsaparilla from the pop shop around the corner the man on a bike with a large box on the back who would open up the box to display a grinding wheel, offering to sharpen knives for one penny and scissors for two pence playing mob, kick the tin, whip and top and rat tat ginger in the street?
The street was the finest adventure playground of all, scene of Bomberino battles and week-long Releaster and Kick the Tin epics while the girls played Bad Eggs and Hopscotch.
The rules of Gobs, Bomberino, Kick the Tin, Releaster and the rest are available for just a stamped addressed envelope and - well, shall we say a tenner?
And this summer you never saw boys playing bomberino or kick the tin or releaster while small girls shrilled over bad eggs.
So could kick the tin, where, instead of a den to invade you simply kicked the tin away to release the captives grouped around it.