kick out

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kick out (at someone or something)

to thrust one's foot outward at something. The ostrich kicked out at the men trying to catch her. The mule kicked out and just missed me.
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kick somebody out (of somewhere)

to tell someone to leave a place They kicked us out of the gym because it was needed for a basketball game. When the principal caught Lisa smoking in the bathroom, she was kicked out.
Usage notes: usually someone is kicked out for doing something wrong, as in the second example
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kick out

1. Also, boot out. Throw out, dismiss, especially ignominiously. For example, George said they'd been kicked out of the country club, or The owner booted them out of the restaurant for being loud and disorderly. This idiom alludes to expelling someone with a kick in the pants. [Late 1600s]
2. Supply, especially in a sorted fashion, as in The bureau kicked out the precise data for this month's production. [Slang; late 1900s]
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kick out

v. Slang
To dismiss or expel someone; throw someone out: If you make too much noise in the movie theater, they'll kick you out. I got kicked out of French class for making fun of the teacher.
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Cluxton has great kick outs and you have to (target them), to be fair," said O'Sullivan.
We lost the first nine kick outs and at that stage it was 2-4 to no score and it was damage limitation after that and we even struggled to do that," said O'Donnell.
The ball boys gave them the ball back straight away for throws and kick outs while it took a week to get the ball back for us.
Some days you expected to see him take the kick outs, win the ball in the air and kick it forward where he would find himself at full-forward to score a goal," joked one admiring club colleague.
It is rumoured that O'Leary was told that his kick outs were long enough and that was the reason he was being axed.
Both sides were guilty of more missed chances than points on the board and the respective rearguards did their task so well that the work of the two goalkeepers was mainly confined to kick outs.