kick down

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kick something down

to break down something by kicking. I was afraid they were going to kick the door down. Don't kick down the door!
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Emily Gibbons, aged 15, who goes to the Mount School, in York, suffered a slashed thigh, cuts and bruises, after she used all her strength to kick down the bungalow door.
Reviewers would love Reed to keep to his supposed place as an African-American novelist, but it isn't his place and he's never stopped there long enough to do more than kick down the fences around the plot.
I expect this album to kick down a lot of barriers for Black Rob and Bad Boy.
Henry stepped up and, despite having missed his last penalty against Inter Milan, nonchalantly chipped his kick down the centre of the goal to seal victory.
FIREMEN had to kick down a bedroom door to rescue a woman from a fire at a house in Whitnash last night.
But is the IRS going to kick down the barn door belonging to 20 adorable Aunt Beas and me?
He said: "It was raining and the gear-box seemed to kick down as I went round the corner.
Our worldwide headquarters needs to be the kind of place people are proud to work in," said Crawford, "An environment where people want to kick down the door to get to work each morning.
Her car tyres were slashed and someone tried to kick down her front door.
Cleante, starting from the outside, was wide on the backstretch but moved up steadily, then responded with a strong kick down the lane but ran out of track.
He was believed to have tried to kick down the front door of the house before firing through the window.
But I've grown in confidence in the past couple of years and now I am the type who would kick down the manager's door to tell him I'm his best choice.
Fellow inmates had to smash windows and kick down doors to get them out.
Martial arts ace Eamon Timmons used his kung fu skills to kick down a front door and save a man trap-ped in a burning house.