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8 : to be faithful to : fulfill <I kept my promise.
In addition to binders, I also use a system of folders that are kept in the large file drawer of my desk.
A question among counselors that is frequently asked is whether counselor's notes meet FERPA's requirement of being in the sole possession of the maker if they are kept on school property.
RADYR & MORGANSTOWN Class 1 Best kept front garden (detached, semi, end) 1 Mrs Zafiropoulos, Maes Yr Odyn; 2 Dr Pawley, Blaen-y-Coed.
Six months after their heart attack, 41 percent of the patients receiving the mild hypothermia treatment had died, compared with 55 percent of those kept at normal body temperature, the researchers report in the Feb.
It was also reasonable to suppose that he kept the money he collected and used in his business in some safe yet accessible place.
Needless to say, the photographic files are kept on WORM disks so they can't be altered.
This is carried over into the definition of appraisal as "the process of evaluating business activities to determine which records need to be captured and how they need to be kept.
She had to make sure there were adequate candles and that the wicks were kept trimmed, or that the oil lamps were kept full to provide light, especially in the winter months when the daylight hours were at a minimum.
In addition to maintaining a separate business bank account, documentation of business income and expenses will need to be kept.
First, the language of the Second Amendment itself invites one to differentiate between arms that can be kept and borne (i.
For years, people thought an outward-pushing force, which they called centrifugal force, was what kept rotor riders pinned to the wall.
Though the vibration from the sander hurt her hands, she kept showing up each day at Southwest Mill and Lumber.
Additional data that must be kept for five years are records describing the routine maintenance performed on all air pollution control equipment; monthly records indicating the amount of products processed through some emission units to confirm compliance with the production limit; files of all measurements, including continuous monitoring systems, monitoring devices and performance testing measurements; all continuous monitoring system or monitoring device calibration checks and any adjustments and maintenance performed; and dust suppression records.