keep yourself to yourself

keep (oneself) to (oneself)

To refrain from attempting to communicate or make connections with others. You'll never make friends if you keep yourself to yourself all the time. The old man down the street always kept himself to himself. I never even knew his name until my parents pointed out his obituary.
See also: keep

keep yourself to yourself

avoid contact or communication with others; be retiring and solitary.
See also: keep

keep yourˌself to yourˈself

avoid meeting people socially or becoming involved in their affairs: My neighbour keeps himself to himself. We smile and say ‘good morning,’ but that’s all.
See also: keep
References in classic literature ?
Then p'raps, Sir, you'll confine yourself to breaking the arms and legs of the poor people in the hospitals, and keep yourself TO yourself, Sir, or there may be some persons here as will make you, Sir.
Everyone is caught up in the expectation and anticipation of it for a week beforehand, so you keep yourself to yourself.
This, after all, is Great Britain - keep yourself to yourself, don't cause a scene (or become part of one) and let's all have a quiet life Great Britain.
I think it's best to keep yourself to yourself and then you can't get involved.
You sound like someone who tends to keep yourself to yourself, so maybe this is what you need to say to them.
But, if you really want to help me, you'll just have to keep yourself to yourself, which I know is very hard.
As long as you keep yourself to yourself and stick with the familiar routines that you are used to, things outside football shouldn't really get to you.
There are gangs, but as long as you keep yourself to yourself, you are usually OK.
You keep yourself to yourself and try to work that bit harder - that is all you can do.
You will prefer to keep yourself to yourself in the afternoon.
But for our purposes it's somewhere you can spirit yourself away and not be seen, keep yourself to yourself.
If you'd rather keep yourself to yourself, there are personal DVDs with headphones and various types of music.
It is getting worse in this area to a certain extent, but if you keep yourself to yourself then they don't bother you.