keep your cool

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keep (one's) cool

To maintain control of one's composure, temper, or nerve in a given situation. He really kept his cool when the waiter dropped his food. I tried to keep my cool during the interview, but I was extremely nervous the whole time.
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keep cool

1. To stay calm. In this usage, a possessive pronoun is often used between "keep" and "cool." You know they're going to try to antagonize you during the debate, so just keep cool. I always try to keep my cool when dealing with the cable company.
2. Literally, to not get overly hot, as in hot weather. A: "How have you been during this brutal heat wave?" B: "Oh, keeping cool, thanks to the air conditioning in the office."
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keep your cool

COMMON If you keep your cool, you control your temper and stay calm in a difficult situation. Hilde's one of those born managers — keeps her cool in a crisis. I knew I had to keep my cool, but it was hard.
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keep/lose your ˈcool

(informal) stay calm/get angry, excited, etc: He was very insulting. I really don’t know how I managed to keep my cool.
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Bare Minerals original foundation Bare Minerals original foundation Bare Minerals original foundation with SPF 15, PS25 with SPF 15, PS25 Keep your cool in the sun with a with SPF 15, PS25 Keep your cool in the sun with a Keep your cool in the sun with a mineral foundation.
I said to him 'You don't have to win this race, you just have to keep your cool,' and clearly he did.
Remember, EDL, you may have a legitimate cause but keep your cool.
If Melinda does make a mistake she must keep her cool - in a boxing ring if you don't keep your cool you get knocked out
To celebrate we re giving away five comfort kits to help you keep your cool this winter.
It may be difficult if she accuses you of things you didn't do, but keep your cool and let her know you'd really like a fresh start.
To enable you to keep your cool when all around are losing theirs, Newcastle Audi and Tyneside Audi have come up with a special summer offer.
In a match like this, if you can't keep your cool, you'll get blown out.
As long as you keep your cool, a tiny ice cube icon remains in the window.
Auto-Affirmations is one tool to help you keep your cool in your car.
Keep your cool when considering fans and do your homework.
On sweltering days, we urge residents to keep your cool and not let intolerable conditions fray your nerves.