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keep one's word

to uphold one's promise; to do as one says. (The opposite of break one's word.) I told her I'd be there to pick her up, and I intend to keep my word. Keeping one's word is necessary in the legal profession.
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keep your word

to do what you promise to do He is someone who keeps his word - you can rely on that.
Opposite of: break your word
See also: keep, word
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Keep words constructive, if you want to keep secrets under wraps please.
They were allowed to include an occasional word that would strengthen the collage, but were asked to keep words to a minimum.
However, you need to keep words and your mind clear to maximise success.
I limit the vocabulary, but I keep words that the child used.
We will try to keep words like gruelling and pressure away from the team and talk about opportunities and excitement and the chance to measure ourselves again.
Please let's keep words like heroes and heroines for people who really deserve them.