keep watch

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keep (close) watch

To guard, protect, or ensure the welfare of someone or something, often through close observation. I felt better sending the kids to camp when I knew Mrs. James would be there to keep close watch over them. I can't help but feeling that I had an angel keeping watch over me that day.
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keep (close) watch (over someone or something)

to guard or care for someone or something. I'm keeping watch over my children to make sure they have the things they need. I think that an angel is keeping close watch over her to make sure nothing bad happens to her.
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keep watch

Also, keep a watch or close watch on ; watch over. Observe with continuous attention, especially to act as a sentinel or for protection. For example, Afraid that the wolves would return, she kept watch while the others slept, or They kept a close watch on the harbor, looking for signs of enemy ships, or, according to the Gospel of St. Luke (2:8): "And there were in the same country shepherds ... keeping watch over their flock by night." [Late 1300s] Also see keep an eye out for.
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keep ˈwatch (for somebody/something)

stay awake or watch somebody/something carefully in case of possible danger or problems: I’ll keep watch while you sleep.The doctors are keeping watch for any change in her condition.
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THE men and women who risk their lives daily to keep watch on the most dangerous people in our society deserve better treatment.
If city, county, state and federal officials will do nothing to control our porous border with Mexico, then citizens groups such as the Minuteman Project, which simply keep watch on the border, will.
Officials continue to keep watch on the rain-soaked coastal Ventura County village, where roughly 150 homes remain vulnerable.
The Navy is buying two Global Hawks for demonstrations of its ability to keep watch over oceans.
1) Los Angeles County firefighters keep watch on a controlled burn in the hills above La Canada Flintridge on Thursday.