keep sweet

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keep somebody sweet

to do things to please someone so that they help you or treat you well in the future I like to keep the neighbours sweet in case we have to borrow a ladder or something from them.
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Q What tips and advice do you have for parents to keep sweet treats to a minimum this festive season?
LINPAC Packaging, Europe's leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has developed a new range of bakery containers in partnership with its customers to keep sweet treats spongier and fresher for longer.
com * KEEP sweet treats in this James Tanner biscuit canister, pounds 12 from Matalan.
But I am old enough and wise enough to know the manager's problems and the amount of players he has to keep sweet and happy.
The majority of the seats are "safe" and all the sitting tenant needs to do is to keep sweet with the partyleadership and he/she can waltz through to a padded lifestyle of largess and protection.
The new facility, to be completed in time for this fall's harvest, will allow local growers to keep sweet potatoes fresh for up to 12 months.
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