keep place

keep one's place

Fig. to exhibit only the behavior appropriate to one's position or status in life. When I complained about the food, they told me to keep my place! I suggest you keep your place until you're in a position to change things.
See also: keep, place
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The figures produced by this report fail to address the reality that for thousands of workers their pay levels are facing real cuts as a result of settlements which have failed to keep place with inflation.
Bet365 - England starting 11 v Wales to keep place against Switzerland: 4-5 seven or fewer, 5-4 eight or nine, 8 ten.
STEFAN POSTMA (Villa, pounds 75,000): largely consistent and held off Oakes to keep place.
From previous studies, generating shape rules will be marked by identifying principles of interior design that applicable to simplicity and complexity with surviving shape identity in order to keep place identity from the losing.
Teams will always step up their game against us, and we know we've got to try to keep place with Chelsea.
Huge success at the core of the pack and deserves to keep place.
Jumblatt addressed Lebanese to preserve that "Grand Lebanon region, notably the democracy and religious diversity therein, regardless of the flaws in political regime and away from the current fruitless, trivial, endless debates over the involvement in Syrian crisis issue and the weapons' and others, so as to avert the bad emerging threats which, if took effect, would not at all keep place for any political discussion.
8 NATHAN DYER Deserved to keep place after Spurs and lively again while tucked inside, although should have done better with shot just before Norwich leveller before fading as failed to make impact after break.
Won three points out of four on his Cup debut, including a singles victory over Phil Mickelson, but failed to keep place in 2010 despite two wins in America.
Won three points out of four on his Ryder Cup debut, including a singles victory over Phil Mickelson, but failed to keep place in 2010 despite two wins in America.
Bet365 - England starters v Norway to keep place against France: 4-6 over 4.
Federal Pell Grants for college students are set to pay out more from 2013 to 2017 to keep place with inflation after President Barack Obama signed a bill into law today.
Loan spell at Oxford is over so he'll need games to keep place.
She attributes the decline to the failure of engineering education to keep place with the demands of the marketplace, and proposes a framework for reform that can be used by all engineering disciplines.
The result of all of this innovation is a need among manufacturers to keep place with consumers' demands and expectations for baby diapers.