keep off

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keep off (of) (something)

1. To remain physically off or away from something. You have to keep off the grass while the weed killer is being applied. If he had kept off of my property, I wouldn't have opened fire on him like the sign outside warns will happen! I told you to keep off!
2. To forbear from using or indulging in some illicit or unhealthy substance. I'm keeping off all chocolates and candies until my wedding day. They promised to help pay for his rent as long as he kept off of drugs.
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keep someone or something off (of someone or something)

to make sure that someone or something remains off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Keep that woman off of me! She's obsessed with me! Please keep Timmy off the couch. Keep him off!
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keep off (of something)

to remain off something; to stay off of something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please keep off the grass. This is not a public thoroughfare! Keep off! You had better keep off of my property.
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keep off

1. Ward off, avert, as in She used a bug spray to keep off the mosquitoes. [Mid-1500s]
2. Stay away from, not touch or trespass on; also, prevent from touching or trespassing. For example, They put up a sign asking the public to keep off their property, or Please keep your feet off the sofa. [Late 1500s] Also see hands off.
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keep off

1. To remain away from some surface or place: You should keep off the stairs; they might break.
2. To hold or maintain something away from some surface or place: Keep your dogs off my lawn.
3. To prevent something, especially something that is not wanted, from staying or accumulating on something: Try to keep those thoughts off of your mind. I've been exercising every day, but I can't keep the weight off.
4. To cause something to be nonoperational by having it remain switched off: I always keep the lights off when I look out the window at the stars. Keep off the lights to save electricity.
5. To refrain from indulging in something unhealthy, such as food or drugs: I've kept off cigarettes for three years now. Keep off of junk food and you'll lose some weight.
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A police spokesman said officers attending a fire at Moulded Plastics (Birmingham) Ltd saw the youths and one was sent to warn them to keep off the track.
PSI, like many of our customers, has extremely sensitive data that they prefer to keep off public networks like the Internet," said Ron Loback, executive vice president and chief operating officer.
Also the amount of rubbish thrown around the park, I didn't notice many signs asking to put rubbish in the bins provided, or notices to say keep off the grass.
After laying you'll need to water the lawn and keep off the grass until the turves have knitted together.
Lorraine Weeks and Helen Wherrett, the environmental consultants to the restoration of the estate, will lead a day of outdoor fun and games and hot refreshments will be served to keep off the winter chill.
The pounds 126m Millennium Stadium - with optional sliding roof to keep off the drizzle - is the best venue for rugby in the world.
The Keep Off The Tracks initiative was launched in the summer by the Evening Telegraph, Railtrack and Coventry's British Transport Police.
Keep off the lawn if it is wet or especially if it is frosty.
We would urge them to keep off because they are putting themselves at risk.
n Cover areas still to be dug with polythe ne sheets to keep off rain and snow and ensures the soil is dry enough for digging.
When it turns frosty, keep off the grass or you'll cause dead patches wherever frozen grass has been trodden down.
RUGBY union convert Wendell Sailor has vowed to keep off the alcohol until he realises his dream of playing for Australia.
COVENTRY City Council's plea for players to keep off their pitches met with 100 percent success at the weekend.
Sledge's left-handed bat is difficult for Parent to keep off the lineup card.
POWYS Council has urged people to keep off frozen pools, canals and lakes and to take care when walking near any frozen water.