keep in mind

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keep in mind

To think of or remember someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "keep" and "in." I do keep your daughter in mind for babysitting, but we just haven't needed anyone lately. Just keep in mind that it gets dark a lot earlier these days. I don't want you to have any trouble driving home.
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keep someone or something in mind (for someone or something)

to remember to bring up someone or something in regard to someone or something. Would you keep me in mind for the vice president job? I will keep a position in mind for John, since he is graduating soon.
See also: keep, mind

keep someone or something in mind

 and bear someone or something in mind
to remember and think about someone or something. When you're driving a car, you must bear this in mind at all times: Keep your eyes on the road. As you leave home, keep your family in mind.
See also: keep, mind

bear/keep somebody/something in ˈmind


bear/keep in ˈmind that...

not forget about somebody/something: We’ll bear you in mind if a job becomes available.I’ll keep your advice in mind.Do bear in mind that the tickets are usually sold very quickly.
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Keep in mind that you can also create your own cake and ice cream combinations as well.
Functionality, flexibility, and interoperability are key factors for agencies to keep in mind as they seek to satisfy current needs and anticipate future requirements relevant to HSPD-12/FIPS 201 compliant solutions.
Keep in mind that punches are a terrific way to serve large or small crowds as they streamline the bartender's chores.
Keep in mind that multiple Patriots were fired at each scud, and still less than 60 percent were destroyed.
Also, keep in mind that not all products are available in all supermarkets.