leave hanging

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leave someone or something hanging (in midair)

 and keep someone or something hanging (in midair) 
1. Lit. to keep someone or something suspended in midair when support for the person or thing is removed. The ladder collapsed and left me hanging in midair. Fortunately, I grabbed onto the windowsill.
2. Fig. to suspend dealing with someone or something; to leave someone or something waiting to be finished or continued. She left her sentence hanging in midair. Tell me the rest of the story. Don't leave me hanging in midair.
See also: hanging, leave

leave somebody hanging

to keep someone waiting for a decision or answer (leave somebody to) twist in the wind I was left hanging for three weeks before I got a call offering me the job.
See also: hanging, leave

leave something hanging

to delay making a decision about something We don't know if we can buy the house yet because the bank left our loan application hanging.
Related vocabulary: up in the air
See also: hanging, leave

leave hanging

Also, leave hanging in the air or in midair . Keep undecided, uncertain, or in suspense. For example, Since we hadn't found a big enough hall, we left the final date hanging, or She couldn't figure out a good ending for the book, so her audience was left hanging in midair .
See also: hanging, leave
References in classic literature ?
Their corn and wine remain unwasted in their houses with none but servants to consume them, while they keep hanging about our house day after day sacrificing our oxen, sheep, and fat goats for their banquets, and never giving so much as a thought to the quantity of wine they drink.
NNA - Former Lebanese President, Michel Sleiman, said on Wednesday that Lebanon shouldn't keep hanging on while a solution to the Syrian crisis is being crafted.
And at world level you can't just keep hanging around with tick-over jobs; you might as well just fight the best and in my eyes, Muira is one of the best in the weight.
Well, we know that once a whitetall feels safe in its surroundings, it will keep hanging around in most situations.
He imparted that the team cannot have the five losses keep hanging over their head as they could easily turn the five losses around to say five straight wins.
They wrote us off all year but we're still there and we'll keep hanging in and hopefully bring it to Oriel with all to play for.
It's going to be souldestroying for the men but we have to just try and keep hanging on for another week.
Weir's tears flowed at 15 when the cowardly gang around his new girlfriend phoned him to threaten: "If you keep hanging around we're going to take you out into the desert and leave you there without your crutches or your chair.
We can't afford to keep hanging on for the implementation of the modest Silk Commission recommendations on giving Wales some say over its finances.
KEEP hanging basket chains as short as possible in winter to stop them being blown about.
Worse, whenever there's an impending decision about to be announced, they employ some poor soul to stand in a street or a hallway, and keep hanging them out to dry with the question: "What's the latest?
Steve, Maldon New rules a turn-off Example: Jockey uses up his whip strokes to keep hanging horse off other runners then can't use the whip to ride a finish.
Keep hanging around in your pink fluffy tracksuit and Hello Kitty handbag and even the little kids might start looking down on you.
We just needed to focus ourselves and keep hanging in there.
But you've got to keep hanging in there and maybe take a few hits on the chin along the way and not allow it to knock you out because that's the worst that can happen.