keep hands off

keep one's hands off (something)

to refrain from touching or handling something. I'm going to put these cookies here. You keep your hands off them. Get your hands off my book, and keep them off.
See also: hand, keep, off

keep your hands off something

to not touch or become involved with something It's a wilderness area, and the oil companies should keep their hands off it.
Usage notes: sometimes used as an order: Hands off, Buddy. That's my beer.
See also: hand, keep, off
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The new automated parallel parking system for the new i3 allows the driver to keep hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals while the car parks itself.
Unless this epidemic of crime is stopped, until we act together to keep hands off our church roofs, the place of churches in our society will never be the same again.
Abboud adamantly refused that Casino du Liban issue be politicized urging politicians to keep hands off the Casino Head of the Lebanese Touristic Firms' Syndicate Jean Beiruti called for a nation-wide conference to help secure 20% revenue out of the total GNP and advocated a major Arab role with this regard.
Whatever the agreement that he would keep hands off, Mr.
The first group wants Barack Obama to keep hands off.
The good news is they are vowing to keep hands off (which is much easier to do now than it will be down the road).
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who promised to keep hands off future city and county revenue for a one-time contribution of $2.
CURVY: Jeff just couldn't keep his eyes off Katie's boobs; RAGE: How we told of Jade's fury; LUST: Jeff couldn't keep hands off Jade lookalike Katie; SMILES: But Jade and Jeff's happiness ended amid bust-ups
After discussing the revised scenario with game officials, who agreed to go along, Frantz told his quarterback to give Jake the ball while DeWitt instructed his defense to keep hands off Jake.
But ANWR is one of only two principal polar bear denning areas in North America, and activists say the shrinking status of the continent's other major population of white bears--on western Hudson Bay, near Churchill, Manitoba--is a compelling reason to keep hands off Alaska.
For example, telling sponsors to keep hands off of the scientific publication clearly seems like a good idea.
From time to time, I found myself having to remind Rusty that the Police Department was accountable to civilian authority, and to selectmen when they should keep hands off the department," Mr.
It's best to just keep hands off BPA," Smith said in a press release.