keep guessing

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keep somebody guessing

to not let someone know what will happen next Right up to the last minute the movie keeps you guessing about whether the astronauts will make it home.
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keep you guessing

to cause you to be uncertain I really enjoy a good mystery story that keeps me guessing the whole time.
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keep somebody guessing

if you keep someone guessing, you do not tell them what you are going to do or what will happen next The clever and complex plot kept the audience guessing right up to the superb final twist.
See also: guess, keep
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They can keep guessing, but I'll just keep playing to the best of my ability.
also allowed people to keep guessing at a clue that had already been won.
Welsh rugby fans will be forced to keep guessing why their deadliest rivals will be turning out this summer in the colour of their heroes after English rugby chiefs last night refused to reveal why the new England kit is red.
Perhaps he just wants us all to keep guessing about what makes the man behind the Mad Dog tick.
Jo says most men are relieved to know what the expectation is and not have to keep guessing.
The app tests a player's knowledge of Indian destinations by asking them to keep guessing places in India from their pictures and giving players points for answering correctly in a short period of time.
In particular, Republic tested preparers' knowledge of consumer laws by giving them an online quiz that permitted the preparers to keep guessing until they passed the test.