keep faith with

keep faith with someone

to be loyal to someone. I intend to keep faith with my people and all they stand for. We could not keep faith with them any longer.
See also: faith, keep

keep faith with somebody/something

(slightly formal)
to be loyal to someone or something It is unusual for any official to keep faith with promises made when trying to win an election.
See also: faith, keep

keep faith with something/somebody

to continue to support an idea or person, especially by doing what you promised to do Has the company kept faith with its promise to invest in training?
See also: faith, keep
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TONY MCARDLE /EVERTON FC OW England have booked their place at NEuro 2016, it's time to keep faith with the squad's younger players.
NOW England have booked their place at Euro 2016, it's time to keep faith with the squad's younger players.
It's up to politicians of all parties and all levels of government to keep faith with the electorate.
Summary: Harry Redknapp's decision to keep faith with Peter Crouch paid off as the striker scored twice against Stoke.
I am confident on the longer-term, like it is a marathon, that will all come out - keep with us, and keep faith with the team.
London, July 1 (ANI): Spain needs to keep faith with Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, say football mates David Villa and Gerard Pique.
RANGERS boss Walter Smith is ready to keep faith with superkid Danny Wilson against Stuttgart - and dump AWOL Algerian Madjid Bougherra on the bench.
After doing so well against the DRC, people are expecting Saintfiet to keep faith with the local talent that gave the Brave Warriors one of their biggest winning margins in recent times.
COLM Bonnar, right, has opted to keep faith with the side that lost in Antrim last time out, though the blow from that result has been softened by the Saffrons' subsequent draw with Westmeath.
Midfielder Kyle Rhodes returns from suspension while Charnley is expected to keep faith with youngsters Dave Freeman and Anthony Bevas.
FORMER Newcastle and England manager Sir Bobby Robson has encouraged troubled former protege Paul Gascoigne to keep faith with treatment for alcohol addiction and depression.
The Crewe and Nantwich by-election is likely to go badly for Labour so it is now up to Mr Brown to show why we should keep faith with him.
TONY Mowbray has admitted he is more likely to keep faith with his Albion squad than rush into the loan market.
Despite a poor end to the Sri Lanka series, England are expected to keep faith with wicket-keeper Matt Prior leaving Durham's Phil Mustard in the one day squad.
What church, what political movement, what counterculture was she supposed to join in order to keep faith with her own best self?