keep eyes peeled

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keep one's eyes peeled

(for someone or something) Go to keep one's eyes open (for someone or something).
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keep your eyes peeled (for something)

to watch carefully for someone or something keep an eye out (for somebody/something) Keep your eyes peeled for a taxi.
See also: eye, keep, peel

keep your eyes peeled/skinned

to watch very carefully for something (often + for ) Keep your eyes peeled for a signpost.
See also: eye, keep, peel
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They want you to keep eyes peeled and inform them of any pine marten sightings.
Then keep eyes peeled and ears tuned to the targets; those two phrases take longer to utter than it takes the world's fastest shooters to squeeze off five rounds after drawing a handgun from a holster.
And afterwards the Gloucester ace revealed on his Twitter page: "Been told to keep eyes peeled for roo with blue paint on its head - not so friendly and loves a scrap.
A stack of vintage books in a corner of the room would make a great lamp table and keep eyes peeled for a vintage clock and art for the wall.
Would-be occupiers need to keep eyes peeled for builders' site hoardings, or even planning applications, if they're to be first in the queue for new homes in popular locations.
Keep eyes peeled for the black and white posts as there are many other crossing tracks back to the car park.