keep eyes

keep (one's) eyes

To be on the lookout.
See also: eye, keep
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He also appealed the citizens to park their vehicles at parking areas and keep eyes on suspected vehicles and persons to avoid any untoward incident.
one place you should keep eyes peeled for what we're 'millinspiration', it's Ladies Cheltenham.
As residents there and throughout Massachusetts view the damage and count their blessings, they should remember to also keep eyes and ears open whenever a threatening Mother Nature comes calling.
U6fmgaiSySo) Michael Schumacher wakes up from coma and can nod and keep eyes open for long periods.
12 ( ANI ): Japanese optical company has created the perfect solution for dry eyes - 'wink glasses' - that force computer users to blink at regular intervals to keep eyes moist.
The right eye care can keep eyes functioning comfortably and healthfully.
4 Tigers should keep eyes on the prize You learn a lot about a team in adversity and Hull responded to their 4-1 drubbing at Bolton last weekend with a 5-2 home win over Birmingham in which recent acquisitions George Boyd and Gedo scored braces.
There will also be publicity around the requirements tor sight testing, tips on how to keep eyes fit for the road and updates about the proposed changes in legislation.
The experienced Parreira knows what to expect though, saying: "He's a player you can't leave free - you've got to keep eyes on him the whole time.
Apricots can help to keep eyes, hair, skin, bones, gums and teeth healthy whilst helping to fight infection by keeping your immune system at its best.
The plan is to collect volunteers, then have the crew trained by the Sheriff's Department to keep eyes open and report suspicious activity.
With that information, the 831st was able to keep eyes on the shipment and ensure that the 25th ID movement officers were informed throughout the process.
will keep eyes on a myriad of government and private studies on long term care matters, including the U.
With more continuous zoom and a wider range of articulation and field-of-regard, the second generation MWIR imager payload helps keep eyes on target.