keep distance

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keep (one's) distance

To limit engagement or association (or the appearance thereof) between oneself and someone or something. Politicians have been quick to keep their distance from the senator ever since news of her drug scandal broke. That kid needs to keep his distance—I'll call the police if I catch anyone trespassing on my property.
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keep one's distance (from someone or something)

Fig. to maintain a respectful or cautious distance from someone or something. Keep your distance from John. He's in a bad mood. Keep your distance from the fire.
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Cutely, Menzel took her younger sister, a second-grade teacher, to the Oscars as her date ("Frozen'' is about two sisters who are best friends, but have to keep distance because of Elsa's uncontrollable powers).
Keep distance of one feet in each line for obtaining maximum production of the fodder.
Anger is used to keep distance from others, to control others, to take control of situations, to win, getting even, or protect one's right.
Other classmates, too, began to form their own groups during recess, preferring to avoid the bully and keep distance between them.
Washington, November 14 ( ANI ): Men in committed relationships who are given the hormone oxytocin choose to keep distance from an attractive women they have just met, according to new research.
We need to have a good game and keep distance from them.
KARACHI -- Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday advised political parties and groups to keep distance with the alleged criminal groups in Lyari, rather support Government's efforts to maintain peace and security in the city.
ROMULUS travel to struggling Rainworth Miners Welfare tomorrow, where both sides will be looking to keep distance between themselves and the relegation places in the Evo-Stik NPL One South.
The MP called on all sides to refrain from inflaming sectarian tension in Lebanon and to keep distance from the Syrian file and not to involve in it.
Keep distance from other vehicles and maintain the speed limit," he advised.
While some said they were reconsidering their decision to boycott on moral grounds, others planned to keep distance from even their once-favourite stores for as long as required.