keep dark

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keep something dark

to keep something secret If he did know that Anna was leaving, he certainly kept it dark.
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This will definitely help achieve a healthy skin and keep dark spots & pigmentation at bay," said Dr Eapen.
When Prosecuting lawyer Geoffrey Millar QC put it to the defendant he "wanted to keep dark and secret that which was going in in the pastoral centre between you", Fr Crilly replied: "That is not true.
Put a MAC Studio Touch Up Stick (a medium coverage concealer) into your handbag to keep dark circles, spots or blemishes hidden.
So, where possible, keep dark timber or paint finishes to the lower levels in your rooms and lighter shades above for a successfully balanced colour scheme.
The celebrity factor has definitely helped as more and more famous males are no longer ashamed to reveal their beauty secrets to keep them looking younger - David Beckham recently admitted to using eye cream to keep dark circles at bay.
If you don't feel like wearing much make-up, follow Di's tip, and keep dark glasses handy.