keep company

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keep company

 (with someone)
1. Lit. to spend much time with someone; to associate with or consort with someone. Bill has been keeping company with Ann for three months. Bob has been keeping company with a tough-looking bunch of boys.
2. Fig. to be courting someone. Mary and Bill are keeping company. I heard that Joe is keeping company with Jim Brown's daughter.
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keep someone company

to sit or stay with someone, especially someone who is lonely. I kept my uncle company for a few hours. He was very grateful for someone to keep him company. He gets very lonely.
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keep somebody company

to stay with someone so they are not alone I kept him company while he was waiting for the bus.
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keep company (with somebody)

(slightly formal)
1. to be connected with someone There are rumors that the singer keeps company with some very dangerous criminals.
2. to spend time together in a romantic relationship They've been keeping company for a year and plan to marry in the spring.
Usage notes: often used in this sense for a humorous effect as an old-fashioned expression for beginning a relationship with the intention of marriage
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keep company

1. Also, keep company with. Associate with; also, carry on a courtship. For example, He keeps company with a wild bunch, or Jack and Françoise kept company for two years before they married. [Mid-1500s]
2. keep someone company. Accompany or remain with someone, as in Mary kept Mother company while she shopped, or Do you want me to stay and keep you company? This term was originally put as bear someone company. [c. 1300]
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keep company

1. To carry on a courtship: a couple who kept company but never married.
2. To socialize or associate: keeps company with some tough thugs.
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keep (someone) company

To accompany or remain with.
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His remains keep company with those of Tedora Rafael Lopez, who died in 1895.
He does this by showing how humans relate to animals, as in "Swans," where a woman lights fires around a lake to warm and keep company with swans at night, or in "Two Deer," where he shows how understanding deer leads to understanding each other.
I keep company with great players from the past and the only way my appointment will be recognised is if I lead this club to success.
They keep company with 14,495-foot Mount Whitney, the nation's tallest peak outside Alaska, and with spectacular Kings Canyon, one of the deepest on the continent.
Lewis wasn't like Collins; he didn't keep company with a bottle or a 12-pack.
Whatever their supposed ideals and/or talents, the trio of composer Franklin Shepard (Anthony Paul Meindl), writer Charley Kringas (Richard Israel) and their forever buddy Mary Flynn (Lisa Picotte) are not worthy enough for us to keep company with, let alone care about their problems.
Brown,'' Dench portrays a grieving Queen Victoria who after the death of her husband, Albert, begins to keep company with her horseman, a frank, willful Scotsman named John Brown (Billy Connolly).
The Los Robles program reads like a musical review: ``My Funny Valentine,'' ``Embraceable You,'' ``Make Believe,'' and ``If I Loved You'' keep company with ``If Ever I Would Leave You,'' ``Dulcinea,'' ``Memory'' and a host of other showstoppers.