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The Wolf, having shown himself an apt pupil, said to the Shepherd, "Since you have taught me to steal, you must keep a sharp lookout, or you will lose some of your own flock.
However, he's taken to sitting in the fifth-form room lately, so we do get a bit of fire now sometimes; only to keep a sharp lookout that he don't catch you behind his curtain when he comes down--that's all.
Well, in my turn I advise you to keep a sharp lookout on your treasure, my dear Monsieur Groslow, for I can tell you we shall not leave this without robbing you of it.
CHILDREN are being urged to keep a sharp lookout for drugs needles after a shocking report revealed that an increasing number of syringes are being found on school grounds.
2) Chuck and Ronda Jolley keep a sharp lookout for trash and animals during a morning hike in the park.
Since the mechanics are difficult to execute in the match setting, coaches have to keep a sharp lookout for mistakes.