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even keel

1. adjective Calm and stable. I know this is a stressful time, but we need to try keep things as even keel as possible.
2. noun A calm and stable situation. The phrase alludes to a ship's keel, a supporting structure that helps to keep the ship stable in the water (and thus needs to be "even" or level). Whoa, let's all stop yelling and try to get back on an even keel!
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keel over

[for a person] to fall over or fall down in a faint or in death. It was so hot in the room that two people just keeled over.
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keel something over

Rur. to push something over. He leaned on the flimsy wall and keeled it right over. The high wind keeled over that sorry old fence.
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keep on an even keel

Fig. to remain cool and calm. (Originally nautical.) If Jane can keep on an even keel and not panic, she will be all right. Try to keep on an even keel and not get upset so easily.
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keep something on an even keel

Fig. to keep something in a steady and untroubled state. The manager cannot keep the firm on an even keel any longer. When the workers are unhappy, it is difficult to keep the factory on an even keel.
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keel over

1. to fall down suddenly because of illness or weakness Working outside in this heat, she was afraid someone would keel over.
2. (slang) to die suddenly The old man simply keeled over on the sidewalk from a heart attack, I suppose.
Etymology: based on the idea of a boat that keels over (turns over) with its keel (bottom) up
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on an even keel

calm and not likely to change suddenly My main priority is to keep my life on an even keel for the sake of my two boys.
See Don't even go there, break even
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keel over

Collapse, as if in a faint; also, faint. For example, When she heard the awful news, she keeled over. This term alludes to a vessel rolling on its keel and capsizing. [Mid-1800s]
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on an even keel

Stable, balanced, as in She had the knack of keeping us on an even keel in any emergency. This term, used figuratively since the mid-1800s, alludes to keeping a vessel's keel in a level position, assuring smooth sailing.
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keel over

1. To fall over; capsize: The ship keeled over when it hit the iceberg.
2. To collapse or fall into or as if into a faint: I keeled over when I heard the bad news.
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on an even keel

In a stable or unimpaired state: "There was good reason to keep relations with Washington on an even keel" (Helen Kitchen).
See also: even, keel, on
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