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When it comes to positively influencing the public's view of corporate justness, the more powerful performance factors are providing good benefits, being fair in compensation and hiring practices, and corporate ethics and honesty; conversely, performing poorly on consumer safety matters and human rights issues has by the far greatest potential to negatively influence perceptions of justness.
Reason: The justness and key nature of remuneration in relation to affecting organisational culture is primarily given by its focus on quite directly affecting desirable behaviour.
Further, they include calling on Arab and Muslim states and governments and the states that support the justness of the Palestinian cause to tie their bilateral economic, political and cultural interests to the violations and aggressions that are occurring against the Blessed Aqsa Mosque and Muslim and Christian Holy Sites and religious antiquities; in addition to the settlement violations that are taking place at the expense of the Palestinian people and Palestinian land.
Further analysis is necessary in order to adequately treat the justness or injustice of commonly touted principles like "common but differentiated responsibility," and the more contentious "historical responsibility," within Young's model.
First, the lawyer could decline a civil case for any reason, including the justness of the cause, and the lawyer must decline if the cause--claim or defense--was either improperly motivated or lacked objective merit.
2 Lack of Access to Justice undermines our society and our confidence in its essential fairness and justness, undermining our confidence in the rule of law itself.
During a civil war or an intense political conflict, both sides will preach the justness of their cause, and neither will claim to be fighting on the side of "injustice.
She then argues for a three-pronged framework for judging the justness of a city or particular urban policy, proposing that we examine a given policy's effects on equity, diversity, and democracy.
For an objective outside observer, the Russia fashioned by Putin and UR plays a positive force in world politics and economics, though it is not above playing its own games; for instance, in Belarus, possibly in Kyrgyzstan, using its transit route to Afghanistan as a bargaining chip with the US, regardless of the justness of the NATO occupation of Afghanistan.
Suffice here to recall the eidetic force of his descriptions, the ever-surprising originality and justness of his similes and metaphors, the light-handed shading of narration into meditation and vice versa, the exquisite handling of iteratio, variation, and praeteritio, the three figures of speech that have come to be a sort of trademark of his style.
He reminds the reader that there is a distinction between the justness of the declaration of war and the justness associated with the conduct of that war.
Grappling with the meaning and implications of empire, in both historical and contemporary terms, has become something of a cottage industry and since the eighteenth century has resulted in a proliferation of titles focused on the nature, extent, and justness of American empire.
In a sympathetic yet essentially neutral view, Higdon argues that the doctor most likely knew the identity of his patient; Mudd then unwisely (and rather clumsily) attempted to conceal that information out of fear it would reveal an earlier meeting with Booth (the much-debated intent of which probably holds the key to assessing the justness of Mudd's fate).
You can't fault their enthusiasm or the justness of the cause but the movie is shapeless, jumping from one direct action to the next and back again and lacking in narrative focus.