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Both SAs and NSAs need favourable public opinion to turn the table on their opponents, but public opinion would swing in the favour of those who convince for justness of the cause, legitimacy of acts and transparency in actions.
It is to be efficiently performed with an ingrained sense of the dignity, the seriousness and the justness of judicial proceedings.
According to Singer (Harvard Law School), recurring themes of the text include social context; formal versus informal sources of rights; the tension between promoting alienability through consolidating rights in owners versus allowing the disaggregation of rights; contractual freedom and minimum standards; social welfare; justified expectations; distributive justice; justness and fairness; utilitarianism, social welfare, and efficiency; social relations; and libertarian and progressive approaches to property.
South Africa had sold its soul once in the '90s, when the African National Congress came to power with a striking mandate of its people, and promised to form an egalitarian society based on justness and equity, nevertheless, ended up selling off its national resources to foreign multinationals, and institutionalising inequality by turning the blacks into a low-priced-on-sale disposable working class.
Wednesday's ruling "has relieved Coptic church leaders who trust and respect the Egyptian judiciary and believe in its justness and its ability to correct any contradictions in rulings," Hani Aziz Amin, a church representative, told MENA.
But I don't think I will: The article failed to convince me of the justness of O'Barry's cause.
Half of the cabinet decided to adopt a weak and gray position in dealing with an issue very clear in its justness that requires non-neutrality," AS SAFIR said.
The SC said: "It would be in the public interest as well as for sake of fairness and justness if the rules rescinded on April 4, 1998 are re-enacted by the competent authority with any changes, modifications as deemed fit under the circumstances.
Reviewing progress in implementation of these orders with the secretary, Gilani advised that the rules must ensure fairness and justness in the process of promotion.
Then was time for the explication of the justness of the demands the party had put forward against the government.
Aa Taib Fassi Fihri added that the talks were also an opportunity to demonstrate the purpose, justness and full conformity of this initiative with the international legality, as well as with the spirit and the letter of the UN Security Council resolutions.
These are the zealots who willingly - indeed, often deliberately - spill the blood of others because they are so convinced by the justness of their cause.
No matter our view of the justness of these military campaigns we cannot fail to be impressed that we are still producing young men and women who are disciplined and committed to serving our country and the principles it stands for.
I am sure he will be hoping that its values of equity, determination, justness and honesty carry on with whoever buys this great building society in the future.