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At last, engineers are beginning to get the recognition that they justly deserve.
I WRITE on behalf of all at George Thomas Hospice Care to offer our congratulations to Richard Swingler, Malcolm Morgan and Mark Fraser on their recent honours received in the Trinity Mirror Photography Awards 2003 - the Echo must be justly proud.
Stonewall has been justly celebrated but unquestionably reflects the experience of the gay-lib generation," said Susan Stryker, executive director of the LGBT Historical Society of Northern California.
Federal law, codified in the Miller Act, provides that subcontractors may sue a payment bond surety on a federal construction project "for the sum or sums justly due" it when payment is not properly made.
The message from US for further financial assistance is clear for poor countries and it is, "The funding will be provided to those countries which will govern justly, invest in their people and encourage economic freedom.
The Warlords are justly proud of this dual capability, since their AGM-119B Penguin and AGM-114 Hellfire antiship missiles and MK 50 lightweight torpedoes enable them to hunt their prey both on and below the waves.
EVER SINCE MARVIN Miller unionized the major league umpires and got them everything they justly deserved (except capital punishment), they have worked hard at making themselves unbeloved by mankind.
As such, the book exemplifies all criticisms justly laid particularly against white Westerners by members of other cultures; however, these critics--brothers and sisters in faith--call us to account biblically, faithfully, to reveal the racism so obvious to themselves, but not to others.
First, despite political rhetoric to the contrary, there is no logic in the notion that identifying the missing sink in the global carbon cycle would justly the United States' failing to decrease emissions (as suggested by the quote from Richard Houghton).
We can be justly grateful to Ukadike for his signal contribution to our understanding of and our joy in African films.
Lockman justly points out that the Seven Pillars description is of a "master of deceit," and that it is "not a pretty portrait" (p.
The South African Broadcasting Corporation, like so many other dedicated individuals and organizations, is justly proud of its contribution to make the first, fully democratic elections in South Africa a reality
The Association also hopes prayer power will protect the Boys in Blue from temptation, helping them to resist corruption and act justly.
The impotence of the system to deal justly with this case.