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jury is still out (on someone or something)

Fig. a decision has not been reached on someone or something; the people making the decision on someone or something have not yet decided. The jury is still out on Jane. We don't know what we are going to do about her. The jury is still out on the question of building a new parking lot.
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the jury is still out

no decision has been made, esp. because information is lacking The jury is still out on whether those particular chemicals pose a threat to public health.
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the jury is (still) out

if the jury is still out on a subject, no decision has been made or the answer is not yet certain (usually + on ) The jury's still out on whether animal experiments are really necessary. We asked people to comment on the latest male fashions, but it seems the jury's out.
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jury is still out, the

No decision has been made; the public's opinion is not known. For example, As for a possible merger, the jury is still out, or The jury is still out on the new spring fashions. This expression alludes to the jury that decides a legal case. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
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Juries condoned violence by and against both men and women.
While juries are still unpredictable, the door is now open to achieving settlements that more fairly apportion blame, and thereby lessen the financial burden on companies and their insurers.
At the same time, the work of juries is, by design, meant to be largely secret and not subject to second-guessing.
was the nation's capital of "jackpot justice," a place where "plaintiffs' lawyers have found that juries in rural, impoverished places can be mighty sympathetic when one of their own goes up against a big, rich, multinational corporation.
The law governing criminal juries is set out in sections 626 to 653 of the Criminal Code, in provincial jury legislation, and in judicial decisions interpreting these provisions.
Margulies of CHIP says juries will first have to decide if someone who is not identified could have been an intruder.
Mock juries: Presentations to mock juries test possible trial themes and the likely reaction of the actual jury to the arguments, witnesses, and other evidence that will be presented at trial.
Historically, grand juries empowered citizens to combat overzealous criminal prosecution.
Similarly, lawyers have always used their intuition to try to exclude from their juries people, they believe, for one reason or another, will be tough to win over to their version of the case.
As more and more juries refused to convict people who had clearly violated Prohibition laws, prosecutors were forced to stop handling these cases, thereby opening the door for the repeal of Prohibition.
Juries usually are made of people with diverse backgrounds and educational levels, but very few jurors have any knowledge of accounting or financial matters.
And it is true that only a tiny number of juries return from deliberations having approved the kind of numbers too large to fit on a calculator display.
Court officials Thursday said new special grand juries for criminal indictments will be convened at the district attorney's request.
As a practicing lawyer, I would go even further: It's amazing that, in the vague and standardless world of malpractice claims, juries seem to get things right.
Jury feedback analysis will be used to determine the most favorable methods to present issues to juries in an effort to win the case.