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at this point

At the present moment; right now; currently. At this point, we are the best ranked football team in the country.
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at this juncture

at this point; at this pause. There is little more that I can say at this juncture. We can, if you wish, at this juncture, request a change in venue.
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at this point

Also, at this point in time or at this juncture or at this moment . Now, as in At this point in time we don't need a new refrigerator. Even wordier synonyms for "now" than at present, all four phrases imply that what is the case now may not always have been so or may not remain so. For example, At this point she is by far the best athlete on the circuit implies that she may not have been the best in the past or may not be in the future. Similarly, Buying a new car seems prudent at this juncture indicates that this purchase may not have been wise in the past and may not be at some future time. Also see at that point.
See also: point, this
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It was at this juncture that a loud knock sounded upon the door of the outer room.
At this juncture the poor dogs were standing on their hind legs quite surprisingly; the child, having pity on them, was about to cast some morsels of food to them before she tasted it herself, hungry though she was, when their master interposed.
Usually, the danger is in the moment of leaving the ground, or of alighting, and therefore at those junctures we should never omit the utmost precaution.
BRUSSELS, Oct 19 (KUNA) -- NATO kicked off the Trident Juncture live military exercise on Monday during an opening ceremony at the Trapani air force base in Italy, launching three weeks of intensive training involving 36,000 troops from more than 30 nations across Italy, Spain and Portugal.
About 36,000 personnel from 30 nations will take part in Trident Juncture, which will test their response to crises.
Exercise Trident Juncture will bring together armed forces from across the world to test the NATO Response Force (NRF) and other allied forces, and will involve all three of our services the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.
20 ( ANI ): Malaysia's transport minister has reportedly said that the search for missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 is at a very critical juncture.
NNA - Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said the current Lebanese juncture is interweaving, to large extent, with the complexities of situation in Syria, indicating that Lebanon's condition will remain "pending the completion of image on the regional level.
In a speech addressing a joint meeting of the two countries' chambers of commerce here today, Kuwaiti Prime Minister said that the time was ripe at this juncture to spike the current level of bilateral trade, given the aspiration of growth and development in Kuwait, and the brisk expansion of the economy and technology in India.
Kent Calder and Min Ye tackle this explanation of Asian regionalism with the concepts of organization gap, critical juncture, and policy network and argue that Northeast Asia has developed much more coherent regional institutionalization after the Asian financial crisis through policymakers' active responses to environmental changes.
ISLAMABAD -- Saudi ambassador in Pakistan Dr Abdul Aziz Ibrahim ul Ghadir has said his country stands with Pakistan in every juncture of time as Khadim ul Harmain Sharifain considers people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia one nation.
Summary: Despite the global economic juncture, tourism sector in Morocco shows a "good resilience," tourism minister, Lahcen Haddad, said on Monday.
Peter Spencer, chief economic adviser to the ITEM Club, said: "The UK economy has hit a critical juncture.
They thus focus on the Korean War as a critical juncture that gave birth to a "hub-and-spokes" relationship between the United States and its allies in Japan and South Korea, with China joining later as a de facto member, and the 1997 Asian financial crisis as another critical juncture that led to subregional institutional innovation and helped encourage the sense of a common Northeast Asian identity.
Fandakova also announced that the construction of a two-level juncture at Sofia's Andrey Lyapchev Blvd and Saharov Blvd in the Mladost district will begin in May.