jump over

jump over something

to leap over or across something. The fellow named Jack jumped over a candle placed on the floor. Puddles are to be jumped over, not waded through.
See also: jump
References in classic literature ?
Rikki jumped sideways and tried to run in, but the wicked little dusty gray head lashed within a fraction of his shoulder, and he had to jump over the body, and the head followed his heels close.
Therefore, if we cannot jump over it, we must stop where we are.
I think I could jump over it," said the Cowardly Lion, after measuring the distance carefully in his mind.
I will," declared the Scarecrow, "for, if you found that you could not jump over the gulf, Dorothy would be killed, or the Tin Woodman badly dented on the rocks below.
The Horse, who had put his head out of the window, quietly drew it in and said, 'It's only a brook we have to jump over.
A straight-driven four by Ryan Robinson brought up Elland's 100 in the 19th over and he then pulled Carl Jump over the tea room for six in the next over, only to depart in the following over.