jump down

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jump down something

to leap downward into or through something. The rats jumped down the manhole. Timmy jumped down the stairs on the morning of his birthday party.
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References in classic literature ?
Last time you told me--when on the Shlangenberg--that at a word from me you would be ready to jump down a thousand feet into the abyss.
They can't jump down in a hurry, and it won't take long to ferret 'em out.
She took it into her head that he might fall over or jump down after her.
It was another favorite feat with them to march along the bridge of his nose, and jump down upon his upper lip.
I was afraid the maid would jump down and clear out amongst the rocks, in which case we should have had to dismount and catch her.
They held on to the lead despite one show jump down, with a faultless cross country performance putting them nearly three points ahead of the field.
A source close to the probe said: "The CCTV footage shows a young woman jump down on to the track and get wiped out at 60mph.
I'm sure she won't jump down your throat or to the wrong conclusion.
Local man, Ben Mullen, 41, raced to fetch cops to assist and was part of a group screaming for her to jump down.
We may put the bed up on a higher ledge which will force him to jump down to get a drink of water or a bite to eat and equally jump back up to go back to sleep.
British Transport Police who will man the special train will stop it, jump down on to the lines and nab them.
Scottish Executive Ministers should jump down off the fence - we don't care how comfy it is up there - and bang some heads together.
She even told her mother, Dena Trossell, as they were standing on a bridge over a motorway: "I could just jump down there and it would all go away.
They put they jump down to the number of new homes being built in the town.
Ken Broomfield, who had a miraculous escape when his plane crashed last month, will close the event by piloting his Tiger Moth over the town ready for Father Christmas to make a parachute jump down to earth.