jump at

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jump at (something)

To accept or seize something with alacrity, typically an opportunity. Mark complains about his teaching job a lot, but I knew if he were offered a tenured position in the school, he would jump at the chance. When our manager said she was leaving the company, I jumped at the opportunity to fill the job.
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jump at someone or something

to jump in the direction of someone or something. The frog jumped at me, but I dodged it. The cat jumped at the leaf as it fell from the tree.
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jump at something

Fig. to seize the opportunity to do something. (See also leap at the opportunity (to do something).) When I heard about John's chance to go to England, I knew he'd jump at it. If something you really want to do comes your way, jump at it.
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jump at

Also, jump at the chance; jump at the bait. Take prompt advantage of, respond quickly to an opportunity. For example, When Dad said he'd help pay for my vacation, I jumped at the offer, or When the lead singer became ill, Sheila jumped at the chance to replace her, or They offered a large reward, hoping that someone would jump at the bait. [Mid-1700s]
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jump at

1. To leap or bound toward someone or something: The security guard jumped at the attacker.
2. To take advantage of something enthusiastically, as an opportunity; respond quickly to something: We jumped at the chance to invest in the project.
3. To make a sudden verbal attack on someone; lash out at someone: The students jumped at the speaker during the lecture.
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Summary: American teen actress Abigail Breslin loves spending time in London, and would jump at the chance to live on this side of the Atlantic.
The 42-year-old, who is based in Arizona as a coach at Sereno Soccer Club, began his career with the Dons before spells with Rangers and Leeds and would jump at the chance to replace sacked Mark McGhee.
ANYONE who is awarded a pay increment of pounds 24,000-a-year is in a very fortunate position (Mail, October 14) but Geoff Inskip, chief executive of the West Midlands transport authority, should be ashamed of himself having the gall to accept it at a time when workers within the West Midlands have been made redundant at no fault of their own, who would jump at the chance to work for Centro for even a lesser amount.
The Bluebirds need to sign a goalkeeper to compete with Peter Enckelman for 2009-10 - and Heaton would jump at the chance to stay.
PETERBOROUGH winger George Boyd has revealed he would jump at the chance to play for Scotland.
FORMER Hearts hero Rudi Skacel admits he would jump at the chance of a return to the SPL.
NTONIO VALENCIA'S agent claims he has not had any contact with Real Madrid but admits the Wigan winger would jump at the chance to secure a move to the Bernabeu.
Thousands across the country would jump at the chance of such a home.
Ford: Be ready to jump at the chance, because guys like this come along only once-in-a-lifetime.
Will hungry colleagues jump at the chance to "steal" students now from those of us concerned about our present impact on the future?
Terri Leonard, manager of Riley's Snooker and Pool Club in Ravenhill Road, Swansea, said the club would jump at the chance to host Stevens.
Not that Lena wouldn't jump at the chance if Bianca offered.
Scotland star Kyle would jump at the chance of a move to Rangers - even if it was just on loan to the end of the season.
Vendors are sufficiently naive that sales people jump at the chance to get involved in these, sloppy at best, wired at worst, selection processes and don't think the problem through.