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a juggling act

A difficult and/or precarious situation in which several things are being attempted or must be maintained at the same time. I think I need to hire an assistant, because keeping track of all these accounts and transactions on my own has become quite a juggling act!
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a balancing act

A situation in which one must accomplish a number of tasks at the same time. Mary quickly discovered that working full-time while going to school was going to be quite the balancing act.
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juggle someone or something around

to alter the position or sequence of someone or something. We will juggle everyone around so that the second round of interviews are in a different order. I think I can juggle my schedule around so I can have lunch with you. Please juggle around my appointments for this afternoon so I can have a late lunch.
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a balancing/juggling act

a difficult situation in which you try to achieve several different things at the same time It's so exhausting having to perform the balancing act between work and family. Keeping both sides in the dispute happy was a difficult juggling act which required an extraordinary degree of diplomacy.
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John Parks, chairman of Coventry Pensioner's Convention, said: "The juggling stilt walker will put the focus on how pensioners have to juggle their money.
Visitors will see juggling, stilt walking and fire sculptures and will have the opportunity to take part themselves.
Almost anything you want to know about juggling--including juggling news briefs, help lines, movies, clubs, festivals, magazines, computer software and more can be found at this incredible cyber stop.
It's one amazing bit after another, some tantalizingly brief, all brilliant: riding a six-foot unicycle and juggling some threatening-looking knives; twirling a twenty-foot lasso.
She likes the "endless possibilities" that juggling offers, she said.
Sam Gresham, 24, shows off her impressive juggling skills at Party on the Pier, Colwyn Bay, which provided intensive workshops for talented performers
Juggling the needs of young kids and holding down a paying job can be anightmare for many families.
Move quickly from ball throwing and catching methods to club juggling with bean bags an intermediary step to learning balancing and the basics--then learn more advanced moves, such as working in teams.
But part of the fun is getting up early and juggling the pots and pans on the stove -- it's part of the experience.
Many working-age family carers already combine work and caring for a relative or friend who could not manage alone - but the juggling of these roles can cause problems and many carers have to give up work because of their caring responsibilities, which can lead to social exclusion and difficulty in making ends meets.
PUPILS at Monkspath Junior and Infant School have been juggling plenty of activities during Creativity Week.
A driver must not answer his mobile phone or eat an apple, but he may juggle his pack of smokes, fiddle with his car lighter, gas lighter, or matches, then manage his cigarette with live ash while juggling the steering wheel and gear stick.
They were then asked to quit juggling, and the same areas of the cortex started to shrink.
But England Under-21 star Taylor has a secret weapon to help him win his place back - juggling.
An original theatrical performance that combines juggling with laser magic and the traditional arts of vaudeville, the troupe will kick off a family-friendly series of performances sponsored by The Register-Guard.