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a Daniel come to judgement

A person who is or has been able to wisely resolve a particularly difficult problem or dispute. Coined by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, it alludes to the Biblical character Daniel, who was renowned for having excellent faculties of judgment. Primarily heard in UK. The newly elected prime minister has been a Daniel come to judgement, finally brokering a peace between the two warring countries.
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judgment call

1. A subjective decision made based on one's own experience or viewpoint. Because of the impending snowstorm, it was a judgment call whether I should attempt driving to work.
2. In sports, a decision made by a game official based on what he or she has seen take place. The decision to issue the team a penalty was definitely a judgment call by the referee.
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against your better judgement

if you do something against your better judgement, you do it although you think it is wrong I lent him the money against my better judgement.
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more by luck than judgement

if you achieve something more by luck than judgement, you achieve it by chance and not because of skill And somehow I managed to get the ball in the net - more by luck than judgement.
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Accordingly, EDEA claimed that it is entitled to judgement on its re-foreclosure action in order to terminate any leasehold interest which was not cut off in the original Foreclosure Action.
The judge stated that Davyon's position was that its leasehold interest in the property survives the Judgement of Foreclosure.
The prominence and centrality of the face in influencing others' judgements of one's attractiveness means that persons with facial disfigurements experience the negative effects of the appearance stereotype outlined above, namely negative judgements regarding employability, marriageability, etc.
MacGregor (1953) outlines five social forces operating to add to the already negative judgements of persons with facial deformities:
other fees incurred in connection with the judgement award.
Brian Oxman a default judgement was entered years ago back in 1993 for $1.
Jackson is successful in setting aside the default judgement all orders will be invalidated.
The Judgement desktop-editing environment has a rich feature set to provide professional results for all skill levels in a low-cost tool.
Today's judgement represents a further very significant confirmation of the validity of the claims of the Company.
Additionally, a Supreme Court ruling that sent the Hughes patent case back to the Court of Appeals for review did not set aside a $114 million judgement against the U.
While other issues remain to be resolved and the formal order of judgement must still be entered, Judge Gallagher's decision makes it clear that ITEX Corp.
In the Nile Hotel Arbitration, the Egyptian Government Company managed to obtain a court directive to implement the Nile Arbitration judgement, but the directive was in contradiction to the actual final Nile Hotel Arbitration Judgement.
California's largest provider of workers' compensation insurance, State Fund won the civil judgement under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.