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The move comes in the wake of the directorate announcing earlier that it was getting tough with joy riders, doubling the period of imprisonment, lengthening prison sentences and issuing fines of not less than SR 10,000.
WHILE Des Taviner (Paul Usher) catches PC Kerry Young (Beth Cordingly) and sergeant Dale Smith (Alex Wilkinshaw) in a passionate clinch in the back of their police car, a joy rider takes off in his patrol car.
I just hope Winona's next role is not as a joy rider or an axe murderer.
JEDDAH: The Jeddah summary court is to deliver its verdict today into the case of the notorious joy rider known as Abu Kab - the "guy with the cap" - who was behind the wheel of a car that crashed while performing a driving stunt killing his three young passengers.
CHECK out singles from Glasgow rockers Happy but Twisted - who have just released their Perverts of the Truth EP- and Joy Rider, who have covered Jane Wiedlin's Rush Hour.
A joy rider mak leaving Millie discover a bo of the abando Eddie Olosunj victim has bee assaulted and evidence lead stripper Tom Norris The Bill (8.
But community leaders in a controversial South Edinburgh project claim that not one young joy rider has re-offended since taking part.
Photo: A DASH bus, right, driven by an unidentified joy rider while the driver was taking a break, plowed into this truck and two other vehicles in a parking lot before the thief fled.
I saw myself as an electronic joy rider,'' Mitnick said during an interview with the ``60 Minutes'' television news show, his first public comments since his arrest.
You can, just off the top of my head, be a terrorist, a joy rider, a hatred-inflamed politician, a tax evader, but you can not be over weight.
I'm sure there would be plenty of volunteers - car theft victims or others who had been injured or bereaved by a joy rider - who would be willing to press the red button on a regular basis.
The manner in which Willeys Subaru Legacy car was being driven was psychotic, terrible and dangerous and being driven like a joy rider, according to witnesses, and swerving like a Formula One driver warming up its tyres before a Grand Prix.
There's serial bigamist George (Om Puri), computer hacker Colin (Ben Miller) and meathead ex-boxer Jeff (Steven Waddington) who together with young joy rider Kirsty (Emma Williams) become an unlikely crime combo.
Mr Evans believes the theft may have been a professional job, rather than a joy rider.
While all this was going on a young joy rider stole a top of the range BMW - fortunately there was no alarm - and a laptop containing lots of sinister information.