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In fact I want to be part of the Pakistan team when India come to play us," he added, jokingly.
New York, Dec 3 (ANI): Black Eyed Peas' Fergie jokingly threatened to divorce husband Josh Duhamel for supporting wrong NFL team.
Bartholomew's truck was damaged during the ordeal, but he jokingly told AP that he doesn't worry about it, since "it's a company truck.
Stunned diners at London's trendy House On The Hill restaurant gawped as the Oasis singer jokingly threatened photographers with the grinder after they tried to snap him dining with the All Saint.
In such humorous juxtapositions as a needleworked version of Jasper Johns's 1958 White Numbers and a replica of a nineteenth-century sampler used to teach multiplication tables, Reichek jokingly alludes to the formal affinities between modernist painting and domestic craft, stemming from their mutual dependence on allover composition and geometric grid.
While Friedman was searching for compounds to block HIV protease, a colleague jokingly asked, "What next, buckyballs?
Ponti said that more money should be raised for children's causes in such great events as Imagine 2004, and then jokingly, "but also to fund orchestras.
Summary: Michelle Obama has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and jokingly confused him with Oprah.
London, Nov 20 (ANI): Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has jokingly described his onscreen kiss with Jennifer Aniston on the hit American show '30 Rock' as "painful".
Rebecca Pena, one of two dentists on staff at the Smile Shoppe, does so much that she's been jokingly referred to as the ``Super GP,'' for super general practitioner.
Peter] Camejo continues to hold his socialist beliefs, jokingly calling himself a 'watermelon--green on the outside, red on the inside.
He jokingly calls himself "the Zelig of rock and roll," and he has, like the fictional Woody Allen character, found himself on the scene when some of the most pivotal moments in glare, punk, and New Wave music history were unfolding.
During that time, Roberts' friends often threw towels at her as she jokingly signed off each show with ".
Cannes ponders Von Trier's expulsion after he jokingly told reporters he was a Nazi who sympathised with Hitler.