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Joking about the Sanlu group and both Chinese central and local governments became an effective release.
Forklift was remanded to the lower courts, a judge ruled that, while the company owner's vulgar joking did not constitute sexual harassment before Harris told him she found it offensive, the plaintiff was entitled to a damage award of $130,000 on the basis of single crude remark her boss made about a month after she asked him to stop.
LC: The instances you've given of Diego's joking weren't funny, they were sad.
The primary function of this kind of humor is to build morale for groups who are enduring a severe hardship by joking about their predicament.
Just a few days after an old video of him using racial slurs at age 15, the Canadian heartthrob is facing yet another racism scandal with the emergence of another video of killing joking about killing black people.
Joking aside, Vaughn knows his teammates are counting on him to take punting seriously.
Janet Jarvits, owner of a rare cookbook store in Glendale, said, ``Even if we didn't have e-mail, I think we'd all be joking about it.
The less-than-funny fact is that using the company's e-mail for jokes is not a joking matter.