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Solid citizens enjoy special joking privileges; they can joke about group members, even in their presence, without offending anyone.
Everyone feels comfortable joking with Carla, and, being a typical solid citizen, she can take a joke.
The other group members recognize that the novice is powerless and nonthreatening, and they freely inlcude him or her in the pattern of joking relationships.
Members of the diverse groups participating in this study understood the importance of joking on the job.
Our data suggest that studying joking behavior is an important way of viewing other aspects of group interaction, such as friendship and leadership patterns.
The fact that Bob, the arrogant executive, is excluded from joking on the job tells us that his subordinates feel isolated from their boss.
These findings suggest that group status is less a determinant of one's position in the joking pattern than in one's role in the larger social network.
Trust, respect, and friendship determine a group member's position in the pattern of joking behavior far more than official status does.
Group members include the novice in the joking network--first as the target and later as the butt--in order to facilitate his or her assimilation into the group.