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Johnny One-Note

Someone who repeatedly expresses or maintains a strong opinion on a single or a few particular subjects. Primarily heard in US, Canada. Every time I get together with Janet, she gets into some rant about how much she hates the government. She's become such a Johnny One-Note lately!
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slang A condom. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Remember, mate: only a fool doesn't wear a johnny on a one-night stand. In an effort to promote safe sexual practices, the student union began handing our rubber johnnies to everyone passing by.

rubber johnny

slang A condom. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Remember, mate: only a fool doesn't wear a rubber johnny on a one-night stand. In an effort to promote safe sexual practices, the student union began handing our rubber johnnies to everyone passing by.
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stage-door Johnny

A man who spends a lot of time at a theater so as to seek the romantic attention, favor, or company of an actress. Ms. Gabler is such a stunning beauty that she always has some stage-door Johnny or another waiting for her after the curtain falls each night.
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A newcomer or late arrival to a group or activity. The rest of the staff wasn't too fond of Greg, a Johnny-come-lately who received praise from the manager after just one week on the job. Hurry up, Johnny-come-lately, we've already started today's drills!


One who is available and ready for action. Thankfully, Pat was Johnny-on-the-spot with buckets when the roof started leaking.


A newcomer, as in She may be a Johnny-come-lately on the board, but she's doing a fine job with publicity. [1830s]


A person who is available when needed, as in He always is there at the right time, a real Johnny-on-the-spot. [Late 1800s]


You call someone a Johnny-come-lately if they get involved in an activity or organization when it has been happening or has existed for a long time and therefore have little knowledge or experience of it. Having arrived on the scene relatively recently, Sylva is regarded by many other managers as a Johnny-come-lately. Note: Johnny-come-lately can also be used before a noun. We advise members to ensure that they are dealing with a reliable and long-established company — not some Johnny-come-lately firm that's just set up round the corner. Note: This name used to be given to new or inexperienced sailors in the American navy.

John(ny) Law

n. a law officer. John Law showed up with a piece of paper that says you are in trouble.
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n. a police officer. Here comes Johnny-be-good, so be good.
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