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She drives me anywhere that I want to go and visits for three hours per day to try to jog my memory.
As most readers know I am a mental health patient with severe memory loss, and I have carers who come to take me out and about for three hours three days a week to help me jog my memory.
It was hard to remember some things in detail, but thankfully my father kept scrapbooks of my career, so I had to delve into those to jog my memory, " Tanni told the Echo.
I had to jog my memory after reading your passionate letter, but the Oxford English Dictionary confirmed that above all else asylum is understood to be a "sanctuary, place of refuge and safety, esp.
A lovely lady called Sara comes to drive me out and about for a couple of hours every week to try to jog my memory.
I have actually gone upstairs looking for my glasses, forgotten what I went up there for, retraced my steps for ten minutes to jog my memory, then realised I am wearing them" Actress Geraldine James.