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I thought it very natural,' replied Job, 'that the old lady wouldn't like such an unpleasant discovery to be made before more persons than can possibly be helped.
Because they live one hundred miles from here, sir,' responded Job Trotter.
There is no fear of my forgetting it, sir,' replied Job Trotter.
Jingle and Job had gone out together, that their luggage was packed up, and that they had ordered a chaise.
He knew that his purpose was in the main a good one, and he placed implicit reliance on the high-minded Job.
What was his astonishment when he just peeped out, by way of caution, to see that the person who had opened it was--not Job Trotter, but a servant-girl with a candle in her hand
For example, management restructured the library and developed generic job descriptions for the library assistants and library technicians to facilitate a better, more productive organization.
Because "job placement" carries a negative, patronizing connotation for persons with disabilities (Greenwood, 1982) and denotes a directional relationship or a linear "from-to" concept that implies that the counselor retains the power over individuals with disabilities to put them into jobs, it is proposed that this term should be replaced by a more appropriate phrase.
More and more, camps are turning to these commercial background checking services to assist in the time-consuming task of prescreening job applicants.
Employers may post links to their companies' Web sites, human resources departments and job search pages.
In the not too distant past, looking for a job in the dental profession was fairly limiting; either you heard about an opening through word-of-mouth or you checked the local newspapers' classified ads.
TO IDENTIFY THEIR STRENGTHS and weaknesses and possibly discover new career affinities, job seekers take aptitude and psychological tests.
Although some communicators are left jobless by a company they've served for years, others are brought on board to help communicate organizational changes, only to be downsized out of a job soon thereafter.
If persons with certain types of disability are at a disadvantage with respect to their job networks and networks impact employment for persons with these disabilities as they do the general population then it is likely that a non-trivial portion of the unemployment experienced by persons with those disabilities is due to this lack of social capital.
American trade union leaders have made the issue their cross to bear, portraying it as the ultimate betrayal of the promises made for the overseas flight of manufacturing jobs.