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blow jive

tv. to smoke marijuana. (see also jive.) Man, let’s go out and blow some jive!
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1. n. drugs; marijuana. (see also gyve.) That jive is gonna be the end of you.
2. n. back talk. Don’t you give me any of that jive!
3. n. lies; deception; nonsense. No more of your jive. Talk straight or don’t talk.
4. mod. deceptive; insincere. I listened to her little jive speech and then fired her.

jive talk

n. slang; contemporary fad words. I like to hear jive talk. It’s like trying to work a puzzle.
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jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
See also: jive, turkey


mod. foolish. (Usually objectionable.) You can tell that jive-ass jerk to forget it.

pull jive

tv. to drink liquor. (see also jive.) Let’s go pull jive for a while.
See also: jive, pull
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I am sure my parents will give the dancing a go, and my dad is a fab jiver, so he will have a ball.
Antony Evans was on 11-1 chance Jiver, but he escaped punishment after explaining to the stewards that he was pulling up at the time.
Of course since then I remember Sinatra starting off, Elvis Presley, Bobby Soxers, the 50s, 60s, and 70s music, and being a jiver and loving dancing.
For all I know, Michael Scudamore's Jiver is a saintly creature, and after two good runs he was well backed for the amateurs' handicap chase.
Michael Scudamore, trainer of Jiver "He's very well.
He says: ``As a jiver, the sprung floor at the Grafton was a pleasure to dance on -it made it easier to somersault and do the splits.
Peter Scudamore, assistant to his father Michael, trainer of Jiver
Jiver has impressed in winning his last two starts over hurdles.
The winning owner said: 'Sam has been in the box with Jiver and always said he dreamt of one day getting the trophy for the horse winning.
Nicholls ran Wild Chimes in the maiden hurdle, but the 11-4 favourite had no answer to Jiver and Tom Scudamore.
A packed city centre saw performances from all corners of the globe, from traditional Filipino dancers to 1920s American-inspired jumping jivers.
Revellers in the Welsh capital, meanwhile, were treated to a great day of sunshine, music and dance at the 26th Cardiff Carnival, where onlookers were treated to performances from all corners of the globe, from traditional Filipino dancers to 1920s Americaninspired jumping jivers.
I look forward to working with the leadership team and all the Jivers around the world to execute our plan and deliver sustainable, profitable growth.
Thomas Hotel, Somerset Disco Inferno - Tributes to Earth Wind & Fire and The Bee Gees PS469 PS235 19 Apr 3 Nidd Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire Showtime with Celtic Dreams PS469 PS235 22 Apr 4 Lakeside Coastal Village, Hampshire Music, Laughter, Shows & Dancing where every night is different PS308 PS170 26 Apr 3 Bembridge Coast Hotel, Isle of Wight Joey & The Jivers plus tributes to Roy Orbison & Tony Christie PS369 PS185 26 Apr 3 Cricket St.
Each number had the crowd clapping and singing along followed by continuous applause, and the jivers had a ball.