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blow jive

tv. to smoke marijuana. (see also jive.) Man, let’s go out and blow some jive!
See also: blow, jive


1. n. drugs; marijuana. (see also gyve.) That jive is gonna be the end of you.
2. n. back talk. Don’t you give me any of that jive!
3. n. lies; deception; nonsense. No more of your jive. Talk straight or don’t talk.
4. mod. deceptive; insincere. I listened to her little jive speech and then fired her.

jive talk

n. slang; contemporary fad words. I like to hear jive talk. It’s like trying to work a puzzle.
See also: jive, talk

jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
See also: jive, turkey


mod. foolish. (Usually objectionable.) You can tell that jive-ass jerk to forget it.

pull jive

tv. to drink liquor. (see also jive.) Let’s go pull jive for a while.
See also: jive, pull
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