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case of the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters though!"
See also: case, jitter, of

get the jitters

to feel anxious, especially before an important event I always get the jitters before an interview. (informal)
See also: get, jitter

the jitters

n. the nervous shakes. I get the jitters when I have to talk in public.
See also: jitter
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For more information, contact Early Jitters publicist, Les Branson at LesBranson25@aol.
The initial start-up investment for Jitters was $70,000 and the business was in the black the first year.
Aside from looking forward to having a private Jitters label and a unique blend of Kaladi Brothers beans, Johnson is trying to find more days to enjoy fishing instead of expanding his business.
Jitters is located at 11401 Old Glenn Highway in Eagle River
The Jitters organization shares House2Home's commitment to setting the highest standard of customer satisfaction and we look forward to a longstanding, fruitful partnership.
We are thrilled to be a part of something as innovative as House2Home, which promises to add an entirely new dimension to the world of retail," said Lamont Burningham, president of Jitters.
Since Jitters are issued in limited editions, some will be common and easy to acquire, while others will be extremely rare and of much more value.
With a tiny 5mm x 5mm QFN 32-pin package, the device can be used to attenuate jitter in the network element at the point-of-use.
The ACS8942A offers a significant advantage to the designer who is finding that jitter is impacting a high-speed design," stated Stewart Kelly, director of the Advanced Communications Products Division at Semtech.