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case of the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters though!"
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get the jitters

to feel anxious, especially before an important event I always get the jitters before an interview. (informal)
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the jitters

n. the nervous shakes. I get the jitters when I have to talk in public.
See also: jitter
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The PAM4 package is the latest in Teledyne LeCroy's long history of innovation in jitter and timing measurements on sophisticated signals.
Generates intrinsic jitter without any error as per G.
Jitter in this case must be removed to get an accurate estimate of pulse parameters and an accurate reconstruction of the input signal.
Notice the slower rise and fall times that cause the reduced eye amplitude, the higher overshoot and undershoot, and the resulting additional jitter that causes reduced eye width.
Vectron's new VS-709 offers a 50 percent reduction in jitter performance compared to its predecessor, the VS-751.
The combination of the equalizers and ED allows signal integrity engineers to conduct more accurate BER and jitter tolerances tests on PHY devices with low EYE openings.
If deterministic jitter from crosstalk is caused by the variation of the victim line's fringe fields in the air, then in a structure with homogenous dielectric distributions, such as fully embedded microstrip or stripline, there will be no deterministic jitter.
There are two key elements of concern when working with Deserializers: receiver sensitivity and jitter tolerance.
1-hertz jitter, it also made the guidance system overly sensitive to the higher-frequency oscillations, says David J.
NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today announced the industry's most frequency-flexible timing IC solution for networking and telecommunications applications that require jitter attenuation for clock signals without clock multiplication.
That record stood for all of two days, until it was broken on Thursday, July 23, when our No Jitter Weekly newsletter went out to our list of 40,000 subscribers, offering them a summary of the week's Avaya-Nortel coverage--along with all of the other new content we produced last week.
We have demonstrated that jitter analyzers cannot sort out these lines, while phase-noise measurements can.