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whips and jingles

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. The whips and jingles can be agonizing. Hope you never have to experience them.
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1. n. a buzz or tingle from alcohol. This stuff gives me a little jingle, but that’s all.
2. n. a drinking bout. The guys planned a big jingle for Friday.
3. n. a call on the telephone. (see also buzz.) Give me a jingle when you get into town.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was a little jingled, but not worse than that.
See also: jingle
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95, but the Jingling Gate has a policy of buy two large glasses of wine and get the rest of the bottle free - so we actually only paid pounds 8.
The Jingling Gate won't break new ground with its menu, but at the same time it won't break the bank either.
It is hoped the sounds of the bells jingling will raise the alarm when thieves strike by trying to snatch unsuspecting shoppers' bags or purses.
The Jingling Gate in Stanley, County Durham, has an excellent region-wide reputation as a party, function and Sunday lunch destination.
Situated on Twizzel Lane, a quiet country lane in the village of West Pelton, the business has been in the present client's ownership for the past 10 years, and he has worked at the Jingling Gate for 21 years.
She was the original girl who was supposed to have been sick and it was her father who had a dream about a dress with all these jingling cones hanging off the material.